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Honoring Students from the Class of 2021

Distinction 2021


Highest distinction

Senior Advisory Congress:

Class of 2021

The Work of the Student Advisory Congress:

  • Plan for spirit contests and community activities.
  • Assist with school-wide activities and events.

The Goals of the Student Advisory Congress:

  • To build class spirit!
  • To get everyone involved in class activities!

The Responsibilities of the Student Advisory Congress:

  • Attending council member meetings.
  • Promoting and announcing upcoming events and class information.
  • Planning and preparing activities.
  • Getting other people involved!

Class Sponsors: Mr. Miesch, room A121 and Mrs. Miesch

Seniors, do you have files on your school Google drive that you'll want to keep? 

Copy and transfer your email and Google Drive files to a personal Google Account using the Google Transfer Program at
Your district account will be deleted on August 31, 2021, so be sure to save any files you'd like to keep by then!
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