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Rochester High School Letterhead

Mission Statement of Rochester High School

Rochester High School focuses on the total development of the child,

creating a challenging learning environment that encourages students to be

motivated, respectful, and driven to help achieve their full potential.

RHS Fight Song

Adapted from The Huntress March

Come on fight, you Falcons, fight that team; Come on, Falcons, fight, turn on the steam! We will prove to all we’re on the beam; We’re the school with spirit, pep and “Fight! Team! Fight!” For Rochester, for R-H-S We will fight down all the rest; So let’s cheer our colors: Blue and White! Come on, you Falcons; come on with all your might – FIGHT!

Fight Song Audio

Alma Mater

Hail to Thee, Rochester High

Hail to Thee, dear RHS,

Raise a Song "O Alma Mater" to the School we love the best,

Hail to Thee, Rochester High

Ever true to Thee we'll be.

Loyalty and deep devotion gloriously we offer Thee.


Alma Mater PDF

Alma Mater Audio